5 goofs you may not have noticed in the Adam-12 episode 'The Tip'

2022-11-30 14:48:07 By : Mr. BingHuang Chen

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Adam-12 took place on the streets of Los Angeles, most of the time. Sometimes officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed went into sewers, homes and wherever else they needed to go to stop as much crime as possible in LA.  Driveway Manhole Cover

5 goofs you may not have noticed in the Adam-12 episode

Mixing high-speed chases and all types of crime with television isn't the easiest thing to do. Even TV crews, producers and actors make mistakes from time to time. In a light-hearted manner, we're pointing out five mistakes or goofs you may not have noticed before in Adam-12. 

As everyone knows, fictional television is fictional for a reason, and of course some storylines are a little far-fetched. However, that doesn't mean we can't poke some fun when we see a production or continuity blunder on TV! 

Enjoy these five goofs in the Adam-12 episode "The Tip!"

In the season four episode "The Tip," Malloy and Reed investigate a tip that an armored truck might be robbed. When the driver and passenger of the armored truck get out and go into the bank to retrieve funds for the truck, the driver appears to all but close the door in the top-portion of this image. But the next time we see the truck, after a cutaway to officer Reed watching from the patrol car, the door of the truck is wide open. Perhaps the wind pushed the truck back open? A small continuity mistake, but one that makes you say, "didn't he just close that truck door?" 

Once the armored truck drivers return to the vehicle with the money from the bank, a loud "bang" occurs and tear gas surrounds the truck. The driver and passenger yell with pain and cover their eyes as the tear gas wreaks havoc. From the police car, the officers jump into action. Malloy tells the truck driver to hide behind the police car and get out of the tear gas. He then steps right into the same tear gas, that caused the truck driver to yell out in pain and temporarily lose his vision, and is seemingly unfazed. Malloy very briefly covers his eyes, but other than that, the tear gas doesn't seem to bother him at all. 

There's a lot happening in the armored truck robbery of "The Tip" episode. Right before the tear gas bomb goes off, the truck driver and his partner return to the truck from the bank, with money bags in hand. They bang on the back of the truck, signaling to a third member of the armored truck team. After the signal, you can clearly see a hand emerge from inside the truck, confirming a third crew memeber is inside. However, we don't see the third crew member the rest of the scene, even after the tear gas is released. When Malloy and Reed help the guards of the truck after the tear gas breaks out, there's only two of them. We don't see the third member of the team at all!

We know it's fictional television for a reason, but this is one of those reasons. Malloy and Reed change into S.W.A.T. uniforms and are tasked with going into the sewer to pursue the armored truck robber. First, they take the manhole cover off the sewer entrance, but they appear to do it on a non-closed street. Of course, a viewer can assume the street is closed, but we don't see any signage noting a manhole cover is being removed and for drivers to be careful, or for a road closed sign. Once inside, they close the manhole cover themselves, which leads to our next goof. 

The tandem of Malloy and Reed is a strong one, but we didn't know they were such heavy-lifters! Once they remove the manhole cover, they go into the sewer. This two-man team is operating by themselves, which begs the question, can just one person successfully close that manhole cover, from inside the sewer? Apparently so! Also, they leave the crowbar, used to open the manhole cover, above ground on the assumed busy street of LA. If there's any traffic crew aiding Malloy and Reed, a crew that might pick up that crowbar, we didn't see them on screen! 

McCord went from lining up against Elvis to appearing in his movies and becoming a Hollywood star. 

A hit man has to choose between his childhood sweetheart and obeying his boss.

5 goofs you may not have noticed in the Adam-12 episode

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