Breaking News in Flexible Packaging January 2023 |

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Breaking News in Flexible Packaging January 2023 |

If you’re interested in an informative and fast read on the subject of flexible packaging, this is for you — an all-in-one location for a steady stream of curated news and developments in this dynamic market for the current month.

You’ll find regularly updated news and developments in the ever-widening world of applications for pouches, bags, films, and other types of flexible packaging sourced from supplier breakthroughs, brand launches, and other advances of interest. The content is selected from Tweets by stakeholders in the flexible packaging supply chain supplemented by content drawn from the Twitter feeds of sister publications Packaging Digest and PlasticsToday. Return to this page to quickly scroll through to see what you’ve missed. 

Clemson graduate researcher uses kudzu to make a biodegradable food packaging film alternative to plastic.

Sneh Bangar, who graduated from Clemson with a doctoral degree in packaging sciences in December 2022, believes she has found a way to use kudzu to create a biodegradable food packaging film as an alternative to plastic.

ProAmpac’s new QuadFlex LT is ready for in-store drop-off through polyethylene streams.

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest member to the QUADFLEX® packaging platform, QUADFLEX LT. #flexiblepackaging #packaging #sustainabilitypackaging #sustainability #recyclable #recyclablepackaging #proampac

ReCover Packaging develops reclosable film for food container lids.

Packaging Scotland recently spoke to Ken Adams, founder of ReCover Packaging, about the development of technology for reclosable film for food container lids #Packaging #FoodWaste #ReclosableFilm #Lids

Mondi expands range of functional barrier papers.

NEWS Mondi expands range of FunctionalBarrier Papers #Printing #FlexiblePackaging #OffsetPrinting #Flexo #Labels #LabelPrinting #Packaging #Inkjet #PrintingPress

Summit Plastics acquires Tim Fredman’s Fredman Bag Company, a flexible packaging company in Wisconsin.

US-based custom packaging provider Summit Plastics has acquired Tim Fredman’s Fredman Bag Company, a flexible packaging company in Wisconsin. #packaging #acquisition #FlexiblePackaging

Flexible packaging makers vexed by US Department of Commerce aluminum foil inquiries over certain import markets, reports PlasticsToday.

Flexible Packaging Makers Vexed by DOC’s Aluminum Foil Inquiries

Upcoming webinar for certification in the high-interest compostable packaging market.

Join us for a "Compostable Packaging and the BPI Certification Process" webcast on January 27 at 12:15pm ET. #packaging #sustainablepackaging #sustainabilty #compostablepackaging #BPIcertification #ProAmpac

Emerald Packaging invests in solar energy to power the company’s manufacturing facilities in Union City, CA.

Flexible #packaging powerhouse Emerald Packaging will cut #carbon emissions by the equivalent 47+ million pounds of coal burned over a 25-year period in switching to #solarenergy @plasticstoday

US demand for plastic film is expected to rise 1.3% yearly to 18.7 billion pounds, valued at $32.5 billion, in 2026. 

Plastic #Film: A recovery in manufacturing activity following declines during the COVID-19 pandemic will boost demand for plastic film. #packaging

Researchers develop water-based ink solution for flexible packaging.  

A team of experts from IIT Roorkee @iitroorkee and Afflatus Gravure Private Limited have developed an aqua-based solution for flexible packaging. The technology has been transferred to a reputable packaging company and is expected to provide a benchmark f

FPA President and CEO Alison Keane discloses what’s next in flexible packaging sustainability. 

What’s Next for Flexible Packaging?

Bar-U-Eat is first to offer BPI Certified compostable bar wrappers. 

Bar-U-Eat is first company to offer BPI Certified #compostable #biodegradable bar wrappers #sustainable #food #snacks #packaging

Amcor Packaging unveils carbon-footprint lowering recyclable PrimeSeal and DairySeal Recycle-Ready Thermoforming Films.

.@amcorpackaging has unveiled its recyclable PrimeSeal and DairySeal Recycle-Ready Thermoforming Films – which it says can lower carbon footprints by 80% in comparison with existing PA and PE films Full story:

Research paper for advances in biopolymer-based multilayer film for food packaging.

Elated to share our recent published review paper in Food Packaging and Shelf Life (IF 8.749) "Advances in biopolymer-based multi-layer film preparations and food pa... @ShooliniUniv @IndiaDST @Pratishtha_DST @ElsevierNews @ELSenviron @ElsevierConnect

Metallized films market growing 5.3% yearly 2020-2027. 

The growing demand for #metallized #polyester films from various End-user industries such as food & beverage and #packaging industries, which is #expected to fuel the global metallised polyester #films market during the #forecast period. More Up :

Dramatic, unique packaging design for bagged coffee depicts roast level. 

The stronger the roast, the darker the packaging color. Designed by omsky studio, 7 A.M Coffee's packaging takes a highly visual approach, clearly inspired by the process of roasting. Read and see more on The Dieline!

Paper packaging options continue on a sustainable roll to replace plastic in flexible packaging. 

Manchester based packaging company Sourceful launches new paper pouch to rival plastic packs. This new form of packaging reduces plastic use by 99% and carbon emissions by up to 40%! Discover More: #Pack2023 #Packnews #sustainability

Five closure options for flexible packaging.  

#flexible #packaging #ROI

Trends and sustainable solutions in flexible packaging. 

New Trends and Sustainable Solutions in Flexible Packaging #printingindustry #printingsolutions #digital #paper #events #printingandpackaging #printingprofessionals #printingpress #printernews #printingmiddleeast #printingtrends #digitalprinting

Window with a bioplastic view. 

JBM’s new EcoView line takes the #plastic out of windowed #packaging with clear #biodegradable Fiberfilm made from wood and cotton-seed fibers

FPA talks foil, circularity, and trade. 

New Congress, the same call for action and support from the flexible packaging industry. Read FPA President Alison Keane's latest message to the industry about where we stand with aluminum foil, circularity and trade.

Fashion for Good launches home compostable polybag project.

Fashion for Good launches the home-#Compostable polybag project #Biobased #Bioplastics #Circulareconomy #Ecofashion #RenewableCarbon

Flexpak UK pioneers an ultra-thin form of recyclable plastic film that’s half the thickness of a human hair.

Pioneering Barnsley manufacturer @FlexpakUK helps food manufacturers cut plastic waste by 20% #recyclability #packaging #sustainability #circulareconomy #recycledmaterials #resourceefficiency #flexiblepackaging

Pyrolysis recycling operations take in a wider variety of plastics including film and flexible packaging.

Dozens of small companies like Alterra around the world are developing plastics pyrolysis processes. Compared with mechanical recycling facilities, pyrolysis plants can take in a wider variety of plastics, including film and flexible packaging.

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Breaking News in Flexible Packaging January 2023 |

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